Pharrell keynote speach at Midem

25 01 2010

A bit long but def interesting. He’s just been awarded Producer of the decade by Midem, after Quincy in the 80s and Dr. Dre in the 90s! If you don’t have the time to watch it all, towards the middle there is an interesting Q&A on his different business venture: what they are, how he gets involved and how he develops them. Inspiring. He also talks about his main goal for the future, which is to enable inner city kids to be technology-literate.

A true artist of our time.

P.S. If you really don’t have any time, tune in for even a few seconds just to see his sneakers / ski boots / je ne sais quoi… 🙂


Kev Brown and an MPC

23 01 2010

This is the magic that happens when Kev Brown gets on on MPC. This was shot on Jan 3rd in FatBeats LA.
I discovered him really with his Brown album, Jay-Z’s Black album with Kev’s beats. One of the many albums of the kind at the time. Watch and submerge yourself in it…

Wicked app 1 – Hexatone Pro

17 01 2010

Bought this Iphone app over the Xmas period. Still figuring it out but insanely powerful. A lot of fun too!

A very original sequencer/synth/mash-upper with well produced videos as support. Buy it and share your creations!

World Premiere! Eedem’s music video

6 01 2010

Exclusive exclusive EXCLUSIVE !!!

Eedem’s first music video, produced by Backlash Production, featuring my tune “Close your eyes”. It’s hard out here for a clown…

Please view, re-view and rate!

Muhsinah & Flying Lotus

2 01 2010

Never heard of dude but know Flying Lotus who produces on this track. Plan to produce music like this too when I grow up!

More Muhsinah..Have to check out this album!