World Premiere! Eedem’s music video

6 01 2010

Exclusive exclusive EXCLUSIVE !!!

Eedem’s first music video, produced by Backlash Production, featuring my tune “Close your eyes”. It’s hard out here for a clown…

Please view, re-view and rate!


Muhsinah & Flying Lotus

2 01 2010

Never heard of dude but know Flying Lotus who produces on this track. Plan to produce music like this too when I grow up!

More Muhsinah..Have to check out this album!

Brrrrooooookkkklllyyyn….we go hard

7 12 2009

An original video,  quite sthg. Simple but am sure it required a lot of work. Love that kind of concept, the beauty is in the simplicity, none of that exploding, crazy, am broke I spent so much money type of video!

Another MPC killer

6 12 2009

Thanks Nosaj Thing…


6 12 2009

This guy must type really fast ­čÖé

Boon Doc on the MPC

23 08 2009

This guy does some of the most inspiring music production videos I’ve ever seen. This is just a sample one but you HAVE TO check out his 20 or so videos on Youtube:┬á┬áRemember though, even though the MPC is a classic, this kid wouldn’t be anything without his talent…

Drums on a budget

16 08 2009

I saw this guy in NYC. I know from reading interviews that a lot of producers think it’s not what tools you use but how you use them. Over time I’ve learned that it is not entirely true. However every once in awhile you get little reminder of how it can actually mean something. This street drummer is one of them.