World Premiere! Eedem’s music video

6 01 2010

Exclusive exclusive EXCLUSIVE !!!

Eedem’s first music video, produced by Backlash Production, featuring my tune “Close your eyes”. It’s hard out here for a clown…

Please view, re-view and rate!


Muhsinah & Flying Lotus

2 01 2010

Never heard of dude but know Flying Lotus who produces on this track. Plan to produce music like this too when I grow up!

More Muhsinah..Have to check out this album!

Brrrrooooookkkklllyyyn….we go hard

7 12 2009

An original video,  quite sthg. Simple but am sure it required a lot of work. Love that kind of concept, the beauty is in the simplicity, none of that exploding, crazy, am broke I spent so much money type of video!