Wicked app 1 – Hexatone Pro

17 01 2010

Bought this Iphone app over the Xmas period. Still figuring it out but insanely powerful. A lot of fun too!

A very original sequencer/synth/mash-upper with well produced videos as support. Buy it and share your creations!


Should I get this?

6 12 2009

I’m talking about the app.

Boon Doc on the MPC

23 08 2009

This guy does some of the most inspiring music production videos I’ve ever seen. This is just a sample one but you HAVE TO check out his 20 or so videos on Youtube: youtube.com/blacktuezday.¬†¬†Remember though, even though the MPC is a classic, this kid wouldn’t be anything without his talent…

DJ Set At PS1 Summer party

18 08 2009

This was the DJ set up at the kick-off of the PS1 summarty party on July 4th ’09. Notice the laptop screen with Ableton Live running on it! Some funky keyboards too.

Dj set at PS1 summer party

Dj set at PS1 summer party

Dj set at PS1 summer kick-off 2

Dj set at PS1 summer kick-off 2

DJ Jazzy Jeff on Ableton Live

17 08 2009

My favorite¬†production tool hyped up by a very gifted and legendary producer, the one and only DJ Jazzy Jeff. There’s something to say about feeling on the same page as one of your favorites.